Lash Boss Glue

Lash Boss Glue

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Envied Beauty Lash Boss Adhesive
Although our glue is a multi-purpose glue that is resistant to temperature and humidity, we recommend the following.

The optimal temperature and humidity of eyelash-related glue are as follows. (18℃~28℃/RH 50~70% )
The glue is 1.5 second dry for expert lash bosses, 
so make sure you have isolated 1 lash before dipping in the glue and applying as it drys so quickly, the glue will be dry before placing on the natural lash. 
The best way to store all the glue is to keep it in the refrigerator.

If the humidity is high, use a dehumidifier in the work area is good for the duration of eyelash retention.

Dry Time : 1.5 second.
Retention : 4~6 weeks.
Color : Deep Grey
Size: 5ml & 10ml
For Use : All Purpose